Never rubbish waste.

On the contrary: the transport of waste is a highly specialised discipline and demands absolute precision. In some cases, depending on the nature of the goods to be disposed of, it can involve complicated rules and regulations of such complexity and scope that they present a challenge in themselves. This starts with carriage in specially equipped vehicles. Especially in the case of dangerous goods, the entire transport process – from loading to unloading – has to be handled with utmost caution and care and requires specialised knowledge and skill on the part of everyone involved - because waste isn't just a load of rubbish. STUTE is an established name for waste transports. Our teams of experts are familiar with the dangers and pitfalls, give you detailed advice, develop feasibility studies and assist you in finding your way through the maze of red tape.

Our equipment, our experience, your success.

STUTE's entire fleet is equipped to carry a wide range of different waste materials, in many cases even dangerous goods. Whether contaminated soil or scrap material, cullet, activated carbon or simply household waste compressed into bales – we will devise a tailor-made logistics concept and ensure its adequate disposal. Our drivers have, of course, received proper training in line with the statutory directives, and especially in this highly sensitive transport sector our well-known drive for quality is your reassurance that you can count on our expertise. In other words: if you are looking for an all-inclusive package for your waste transports, with STUTE at your side you don’t have to worry about a thing and your business will take care of itself.