You’ll melt with excitement.

We have specialised in transporting liquid aluminium since the 1970s. We can therefore justifiably claim to know a thing or two about it, and we are happy to share this wealth of experience with you. We ship the molten aluminium to your chosen destination at a temperature of over 800 degrees in special heat-insulated tanks, known as crucibles, on specially constructed trailers. Due to the physical state, material properties and temperature of the product, these are classified as dangerous goods transports, so it goes without saying that our drivers have received the proper training and have all of the necessary authorisations. To ensure the material can be seamlessly processed, STUTE delivers the crucibles just-in-time (JIT).

Support and service 365 days a year.

Key customers for liquid aluminium include the automotive industry, manufacturers of aircraft components and processing companies. On 365 days a year, we offer them the 24-hour, round-the-clock support and service necessary for their success. Our supply strategies are geared precisely to the needs of the respective sector, assuring our customers of the precision and dependability they expect. We have continuously expanded our expertise in this temperature- and material-sensitive field over the years and are delighted to have added many leading aluminium processing companies to our customer portfolio.

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