The secret to selling more? A unique selling proposition.

Innovative distribution logistics is your decisive competitive advantage in the struggle to attract customers. We at STUTE develop solutions with you and for you that in close collaboration with our overland division ensure an optimum goods flow and guarantee maximum customer proximity. Our service portfolio begins with the choice of location, which plays a key role in optimising availability. Within the scope of a centre-of-gravity analysis, we check the relevance of different locations and premises and supply the vital facts. In addition to incoming goods management, warehousing, order picking and shipment, including returns management, the focus in distribution logistics, too, is increasingly on our value-added services.

Logistics is our language.

Load carrier design is no more a foreign concept to us than is parcel distribution or kit building. We are just as au fait with labelling or cutting all manner of materials to size or length as we are with selecting the right mode of transport, creating all relevant shipping documents and handling all necessary customs formalities. In other words: STUTE offers you a full distribution logistics service that leads to efficient consolidation of goods flows and goods distribution. Draw on our expertise to distinguish yourself from your competitors and create a USP, and place your trust in our employees’ 160 years’ worth of experience. It makes no difference to us whether you are regionally or globally positioned. For us, the only thing that counts is that you play the main role.

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