We move the masses – but not mass produced.

Every branch of industry has its own requirements when it comes to logistics. This depends above all on the nature and scale of the products concerned: manufacturers of consumables and durable goods, for example, challenge our creative supply chain experts in a different way than manufacturers of capital goods, heavy industry or shipbuilding, machine or plant engineering firms with their sometimes oversized mega components do. As much as we value simple euro pallets, grid boxes or standardised small load carriers for making our job easier, we are at the same time just as obsessed with everything that breaks the mould. Because we love a challenge. Because we want to keep redefining logistics for you and with you. Because even the most unusual demands open up new possibilities.

All products, all processes, all personal.

At STUTE, you will find the complex world of tailor-made logistics concepts from a single source, from centrally coordinated minds, with exclusive value-added services. We design and realise new logistics warehouses for you, devise creative and customised material flows, define the entire transport logistics and consolidate different stocks in a centralised logistics centre. Whether subcomponent production at different workstations and locations – for example in the aerospace industry – or single-piece production at each workstation, our experts have it mastered to perfection. With our constant drive for innovation, we streamline and modernise processes and adapt them to continuously changing market conditions. On an equal footing with you.

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