Life in the fast lane.

Logistics for the automotive sector is literally a case of “life in the fast lane”: competition among manufacturers is tough, the model policy is dynamic, the global networking, defining. This environment calls for logistics concepts that secure our customers a cutting edge over their competitors. Maximum material availability, a high degree of flexibility and short response times are the hallmarks of STUTE’s tailor-made solutions. With our production, distribution and spare parts logistics, we assume the role of turbocharger for our customers and catalyst for new ideas. We offer our quality-sensitive, discerning customers advice and operational support with individual delivery concepts, differentiated picking and sequencing strategies or prioritised order management.

Logistics tuning for the global market.

Through optimum warehouse planning and professional standardised and systematised processes, we increase the horsepower along the entire value chain. KPI-based communication across all hierarchical levels, coupled with the right IT systems, ensures the punctual availability of material – also in line with JIT and JIS production methods. Experienced returns and reverse management enables us to promptly handle used, damaged or surplus returns. And even in the glittering world of the prestigious motor car, we are a trendsetter with our interesting value-added services: ranging from set-building and empties management, C parts management to waste disposal and recycling services – the big names in the industry place their trust in STUTE. And where are you putting yours?

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