Heavyweight meets lightweight.

As a heavyweight in the world of custom logistics solutions, STUTE is the perfect partner for lightweight aluminium. The transport of aluminium coils in particular demands a lot of creativity to ensure the sensitive surface is not damaged through contact with load securing equipment. Special semi-trailers equipped with a permanently installed support device allow us to transport the coils suspended and without any additional securing devices, thus ensuring maximum load security. And that’s just one example of how we also set standards for the aluminium industry with innovative ideas along the entire value chain. Whether material procurement, production logistics, distribution, transport or waste management – we work hand in hand for you.

Specialist for special transport services.

Global industry giants place their trust in STUTE’s aluminium expertise. We offer market leaders material procurement transport services, deliver liquid aluminium by truck and provide trailers equipped with complex load securing devices for transporting aluminium ingots or sows. The best possible premise for ensuring that products reach their destination just in time and on schedule. We transport lightweight and bulky aluminium scrap to its recycling point just as reliably as heavy and compact material waste. For this we employ special 22 cbm or 36 cbm roll-off containers as well as dump trucks and two sizes of walking-floor truck. We are happy to provide you with these on site – exchange included.

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Liquid-aluminium transports