Committed to quality.

Good quality is not only a matter of what you know, but what you do.

When it comes to judging real logistics quality, don’t just rely on ISO certifications and other impressive accreditations – of which we can boast many among our credentials, of course. Far more important than the norm is the form with which every day our qualified employees make STUTE a quality leader in advanced logistics. This commitment to quality even has a dedicated system – the QSHE management system: Q for Quality, S for Safety, H for Health and E for Environment – four letters for four key areas that make focused action simple and measurable. So, if you’re looking for a logistics partner that prefers setting new standards to running after them, it’s time we got acquainted.

  • Quality is qualification.

    STUTE counts on the best and the best appreciate STUTE. That’s because we make them even better; because we foster, train and develop them.

  • Quality is innovation.

    Breaking new ground, questioning ourselves, making the impossible possible and working continuously to improve. This is what drives us at STUTE forward.

  • Quality is motivation.

    And motivation grows from responsibility and trust, which we consistently encourage. And demand.

  • Quality is inspiration.

    At STUTE, we are always keen to broaden our horizons. What are others doing? In other sectors? Sometimes, inspiration is “just” a good book.

  • Quality is organisation.

    Principles are not something we stick to rigidly, but something we value. We are structured, because operational excellence needs a clear framework.