The brains behind the business.

The most convincing argument in favour of STUTE is the passion and the know-how of our employees. More than 4,500 are part of STUTE. To give you a clear picture of our company, we would actually first have to showcase all of these colleagues. For logistical reasons – such a photo shoot is quite a challenge with over 45 locations – and to respect your time, “only” those in leadership positions for the company and who represent the brand for the entire team are being shown. After all, you will get to know all the others at some point.

“Customers, colleagues, competitors and all those who wish to become one, the world of logistics is changing at a rapid pace; digitalisation is opening up new and fascinating possibilities, and at the same time the challenges for our customers are becoming ever more complex. In this balancing act, STUTE is a genuine partner. A key – if not to say the central – factor for the success of our dynamic company is the efficient and responsive Business Solutions and Services division, which supports and takes the strain off the operating units and allows them to concentrate on their core competencies. Always mindful of our strong commitment to quality.”

Marco Hamacher, Chairman of the Board of Management