From local service to global specialist.

To understand STUTE’s passion for logistics you have to know something about our company’s history. In a nutshell: when Johann Andreas Christoph Stute founded the company as a building materials business in Bremen in 1853, coal, wood and materials were still transported on wooden carts. What began as customer service, over the course of 160 years increasingly acquired the profile of a logistics provider that has steadily grown in line with the needs of its customers. Today, under the roof of the Kühne + Nagel logistics group and with 3,000 employees at over 40 locations, we are a specialist for custom-made logistics – sophisticated in our corporate image, uncompromising in our pursuit of quality, tailored to your requirements. And, by the way, we’re just as passionate as ever.

1853: Bremen is where the music is.

Not because of the Bremen Town Musicians, but because of company founder and namesake Johann Andreas Christoph Stute, who founded STUTE as a building materials business and experimented with logistics from the outset.


1992: Carnival in Cologne.

In the early 90s, STUTE set a milestone in contract logistics with the planning, construction and management of a logistics centre for the present-day Deutz AG – full speed ahead for growth.


1996: To new shores.

Kühne + Nagel acquires STUTE and takes the brand to a new level as a specialist for tailor-made solutions – dynamic, proactive, growth-oriented. The basis for this is a unique, global network.


TODAY: You’re reading this website.

And maybe you’re asking yourself: Is a partnership with these professionals something for me? That’s a no-brainer. Why not get to know us, and together we’ll write more history?