We pride ourselves on our training.

Allow us to give young people a – granted, not entirely selfless – piece of advice: choose your employer for your training carefully. The first address on your CV is often indicative of your entire career – and with STUTE you’ll definitely be taking the right step towards a bright future. After all, our training is subject to the same quality criteria as everything we do. How else can we develop and qualify the next generation of professionals to take the company forward without compromising on performance? But as everyone knows, excellence starts with agony – of choice. After all, we don’t just offer passionate new logistics recruits one training direction, but many.

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Dual studies, brilliant qualifications.

The possibility of combining theoretical studies and practical vocational training is what makes a dual course of study at and with STUTE so popular. You enjoy the benefits of an excellent course of study, student life, individual responsibility, while our practically-oriented vocational training already gives you a foot in our door. Once you’ve got this foothold, and provided that you perform well, you can quickly move upward. Exciting tasks and challenges await you with us. In logistics, a combination of tradition and innovation offers excellent career prospects. At STUTE, there is a high level of dynamics; every day we move the world for our customers around the globe and the world moves with us. If you would like to move with us, too – we welcome your application.

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