With each other for each other.

Logistics is a business with a future. But it’s no walk in the park. When we pull out all the stops to make the impossible possible for our customers, it lies in the nature of the possibilities that overcoming all obstacles along the way is going to require an enormous tour de force. And passionate as we are, we can only accomplish this if we don’t just work with each other, but for each other. A sense of belonging and cohesion, mutual responsibility and motivation are what define and drive us. This team spirit knows no hierarchies. At STUTE, you will receive appreciation and be expected to show appreciation. This is what makes us such a strong team and such a unique partner for our customers. Sounds good? Feels good, too. And it convinces. Why not join our team and see for yourself that these are more than just hollow words.

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Fair play wins the day.

“Be fair to each other, help each other” – at STUTE success is never an ego trip, but always a collective journey. This also means that we don’t exploit or drain the strength out of our employees, but plan out our career together with a shared vision. At STUTE, we want to offer you more than just a job: a future, a professional home, a perspective. Your health is important to us; in our view working till you drop is too short-sighted. The much talked about reconciliation of family and work is a fact of life at STUTE. A fulfilled life, one that accords enough space to both professional and private interests. After all, we want you to speak well of us to your children, because there’s no better way to recruit tomorrow’s skilled professionals. With this in mind, entrust your future to STUTE. It’s a fair bet you won’t regret it.

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Marco Hamacher
Chairman of the Board of Management and Head of Business Solutions + Services
T +49 421 3862-237